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Simba The Service Dog

The Puppy Raising Program

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What Is A Service Dog?

More commonly known in Australia as Assistance Dogs

Service(or assistance) dogs are trained to assist people, who have various disabilities or conditions, to manage personal and other tasks. The popular term for these dogs in Australia is assistance dogs. Some assistance dogs are taught more than 50 tasks! 

The training for each dog is unique and depends on the personality of the dog and the type of tasks that will suit the needs of their future owner, who is known as their handler.

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The Puppy Raising Program

Ready. Set. Train.

The aim of the program is to raise a puppy that is perfectly suited to the role of service and assistance work. 

By utilising puppy raisers and specialist dog trainers, our labradoodles grow up to be a well-trained dog that is tailored to the particular need of a client.

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The Problem

There is a 5-year waiting list for fully trained and certified service dogs.

For vision-impaired people in wheelchairs, accessibility to service dogs is even more restricted as two of the leading service dog organisations – Seeing Eye Dogs and Guide Dogs Australia – cannot provide dogs for people in wheelchairs.

And NDIS only provides funding for dogs that are already trained and certified.

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The Solution

We have a highly skilled, dedicated and experienced team with the motivation and tools to improve accessibility to service dogs - who are invaluable and life changing for many people living with a disability.
We cover all aspects from puppy breeding through to certification, which means we reduce the waiting time from 5 years to 6 months!
This also means the cost is more affordable and we can help recipients make a much stronger case for on-going NDIS funding,  support, and, in some cases, help to secure NDIS funding to offset this cost altogether.

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The Breeder

Misty Mountain Labradoodles

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The Obedience Trainer

Animal Stars Dog Training

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The Assistance Trainer

A Dog’s Choice Training Service

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Want To Know More?

Our Labradoodles are the perfect pups for the job, and we're working to ensure they are matched to clients who are in need - and quicker!

We're running more pilot programs and always keen to share more stories, just like Simba's, so get in touch.

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