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Meet Simba & The Team

Simba was just seven weeks old when he was chosen. Misty Mountain Labradoodles had watched and worked with him from birth to assure he was the right dog for the role as a service dog!

Labradoodles are the perfect service dog
A service dog in training
Labradoodles are the perfect service dog
Simba posing for the camera
Labradoodles are the perfect service dog
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The Perfect Pup For The Job

Misty Mountain Labradoodles initiated a comprehensive selection process to identify a pup with the correct temperament, attitude, ability to learn, and physical attributes such as size as well as all-important compatibility with hist soon-to-be client. 

The pup chosen was named Simba. Simba was only seven weeks old when he was chosen to be a service dog. Misty Mountain Labradoodles had watched and worked with him from birth to assure he was the right dog for the job!

It was a perfect match from first meet, when Simba and Christa spent their very first seconds with each other. 

Christa, who Simba now assists, uses a wheelchair and is partially blind, and requires a service dog for daily tasks. 

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Why Labradoodles?

The qualities that make Labradoodles great assistance dogs include:

  • Intelligence

  • Loyalty

  • Trainability

  • Affectionate

  • Level Headedness

  • Sociable Personality

  • Low-Shedding

  • Hypo-Allergenic Coat

Having a Hypo-Allergenic Coat means a wider selection of clients can bring a service dog into their lives!

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Bred & Trained By The Best

The Team Behind The Service Dogs

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The Breeder

Misty Mountain Labradoodles

Misty Mountain Labradoodles is a Registered Queensland Dog Breeder of Labradoodles. Misty Mountain Labradoodles are a small family business based in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Their Labradoodles are multi-generational, meaning that they are born from Labradoodles with many generations of Labradoodles behind them. All of their breeding dogs live in homes with their guardian families and they only breed small and small/medium Australian multigenerational Labradoodles. Misty Mountain Labradoodles provided the pups for this trial and Misty Mountain Labradoodles principal Trish Harrison initiated and coordinated the project.

Want To Know More?

Our Labradoodles are the perfect pups for the job, and we're working to ensure they are matched to clients who are in need - and quicker!

We're running more pilot programs and always keen to share more stories, just like Simba's, so get in touch.

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